DBT Skills Support Group

Making Your Skills Effective

The Aim of the Group

The aim of the group is for members to offer mutual support and share experiences focussed on DBT Skills they are currently practicing or trying to put into practice.

Participants: There will be a maximum of 8 participants. (The group will still run if only one person joins as DBT skills can still be discussed and worked on.)
Duration: One Hour

This group is open to:

  • People who have an interest in putting DBT skills into practice for themselves.
  • Those who are currently attending a DBT Skills Training Group elsewhere. (Although you might want to discuss this with your DBT Therapist)
  • People who have completed a DBT Skills Training Group.
  • Those who may be on a waiting list for a DBT skills group but would like some prior understanding
DBT Skills Support Group

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Please note that this is not a crisis service.  DBT Skills need to be practiced with the aim of achieving a life worth living.

If you are in a crisis you should contact your GP, your local mental health team, or the Samaritans on 116123