Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Skills

The path to a life worth living

DBT Skills Counselling in Lincoln

Why DBT?

DBT Skills provides a set of tools to make “a life worth living”

Originally the focus of these skills was to help those who were experiencing the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder but they are now used to benefit a wide range of people.

You can learn these skills too.

Is it for me?

If you have experienced a lengthy period of any two of the following then it might be worth considering DBT Skills:

Impulsive Behaviour

Intense emotions

uncontrolled anger


Efforts to avoid Abandonment

feeling empty

Unstable self-image


What are the skills?

There are 4 skills modules

Core Mindfulness

The aims are to reduce suffering attached to emotions, put you in control of your mind and to experience reality in the moment.

emotion regulation

These skills give an understanding of your emotions and provide the tools to reduce frequency and suffering from unwanted emotions.

distress tolerance

To get through really difficult situations when you can't change the way you feel and to learn to accept reality.

interpersonal effectiveness

How to ask effectively for what you want and to say no. The skills to build relationships and end those that are unhelpful.

To complete all of the modules will take approximately 24-26 sessions.

It’s hard work!

You need enough time to be able to practice the skills between each session.

There are worksheets to complete between sessions.

It’s hard work!

You will need to practice, practice, practice.

You should maintain any existing counselling and support

How can I get DBT Skills?

DBT Skills are currently provided by David from David Brown Counselling Lincoln.

This can be with a home visit or via online video.

The first session is an introduction and orientation to DBT Skills.  There is no obligation to continue after our initial meeting.

Home Visits

Learn DBT Skills individually in the comfort of your home.  Home visits available at counsellinglincoln.com

DBT Online

Video Online DBT Skills via Zoom.  Details available at affectcounselling.co.uk

Please note that this is not a crisis service.  DBT Skills need to be practiced with the aim of achieving a life worth living.

If you are in a crisis you should contact your GP, your local mental health team, or the Samaritans on 116123

Still Interested?

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